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Abstract of article
Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry

 -  Vol. 79, No. 11, November 2005, pp. 1728-1733 Help

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Phase Equilibria in Sodium Salt of Cellulose Acetate Sulfate–Water–Alcohol Systems and a Criterion of the Formation of the Liquid Crystalline State
D. D. Grinshpan1, S. M. Tret'yakova1, N. G. Tsygankova1, S. E. Makarevich1, and T. A. Savitskaya2
1Research Institute of Physicochemical Problems, Belarussian State University, ul. Leningradskaya 14, Minsk, 220080 Belarus
2Belarussian State University, ul. Leningradskaya 14, Minsk, 220080 Belarus

Received September 20, 2004

The solubility and phase state of the sodium salt of cellulose acetate sulfate in water–ethanol, water–isopropanol, water–ethylene glycol, and water–glycerol mixtures were determined over a wide range of component concentrations. Viscometry was used to obtain the hydrodynamic parameters of dilute solutions of various salt forms of cellulose acetate sulfate such as the characteristic viscosity [j], Huggins constant kH, and crossover concentration c*. For the first time, an empirical criterion, [j]kHc *, was suggested that could be used to predict the formation of the liquid crystalline state in concentrated solutions of cellulose derivatives.


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PII: S0036024405110038

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